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Control rooms suites, projection walls

The Control Room Management Suite integrates and presetns various data sources in correlated view ; with objective to support control processes and remote operations. Our experiences with design and integration of software, wall projection and special furniture are dated to 1996 when we particiapted at Slovak Air Defence Command Centre and ACC Kiev supervisor’s projection.

From that time, we close cooperate with Company, as our partner for projection systems providing us with top branded Barco solutions; and on other side, we supplied it with our production.  

Among CMS applications, the ATC Air C2I applications are the most demanding due requirements to real-time processing, screen resolution, picture quality, refresh range, and others criteria. Projection can be built on various technologies, from high quality commercial panels (Samsung, NEC) to top quality of ATC industry Barco panels with extended features, such us capturing sources (analog video, streaming video, computer data, applications: unmanned desktops and manned workstations); correlating, visualisation , networking and distributing of sources, central management, remote desktop capabilities...

ATC centers

Command and control centres

Process control rooms

For ATC centres, CMS systems are used as projection walls:

  • Share information on ACC or among ACCs from various sources to provide coordination, typically civ-mil coordination on national level and share data of crisis management.

  • Operate remote towers when visual surveillance is managed remotely by airport camera system, typically for air traffic control on remote airports with lower traffic density or on main airport when tower is not used.

The most typical application when projection wall is used as replacement of coordination boards used from WWWII nowadays, where targets were drawn manually by operators to provide global overview on area of interests.

Various configuration are available from general overview projection, through multiple control walls, including touch screen functionality.

Typical CMS application is Airport Continuous Monitoring system for remote monitoring and control of airport (or other) objects and status (e.g. power supply, Ventilation/cooling/heating, Lighting optimization, Access control and Security systems (access violation, fire alarms...).

Other CMS applications are Traffic control, Telecommunication, Process control, Electricity utilities,  GAS utilities.

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